A Guide to Jamestown, RI Schools and Education

A Guide to Jamestown, RI Schools and Education

Jamestown is an excellent option for those seeking a rustic sanctuary to call home. It’s the second-largest island in Narragansett Bay, 45 minutes south of Providence, and among Rhode Island's premier destinations for homebuyers. Notable for its rural setting, outdoor activities, numerous waterfront coves, inland farms, historic landmarks, and luxury home market, the town of approximately 5,500 residents is often considered Rhode Island's best place to retire.

But the allure of Jamestown extends well beyond those making the most of their golden years. In fact, since making the transition from an early 20th-century resort town to a cozy yet sophisticated residential enclave, families with school-aged children have found a home and excellent schools in Jamestown. Today, the city ranks among the top five places in Rhode Island for public schools and the top ten suburbs to live and raise a family.

Jamestown School Department

Given the town's size, when it comes to the educational landscape in Jamestown, there's a distinct focus on quality over quantity. More self-contained than neighboring towns on either side of the Narragansett Bay, there's little need for a massive, traditional school district.

Instead, the Jamestown School Department is the bedrock of local education. Tailored to meet the community's standards, this district offers two exemplary schools — Melrose Avenue School for pre-kindergarten to 4th grade and the Lawn Avenue School serving 5th through 8th grades.

Melrose Avenue School

76 Melrose Avenue, Jamestown
Public; grades pre-K through 4

Melrose Avenue School
is a hive of academic and extracurricular activity designed to cater to the younger Jamestown minds, from pre-kindergarten to 4th grade. It's a top-20 public elementary school in Rhode Island and consistently ranked as the best such school in Newport County. From an early age, students are exposed to a rigorous, rewarding curriculum focused on critical, innovative, and collaborative thinking within small class sizes. Melrose was nationally recognized as a Blue Ribbon School in 2018 and a Green Ribbon School in 2023.

Underscoring this focus, the Melrose Avenue School emphasizes core subjects and integrates STEAM to broaden a student's educational pursuits. The school's 21st-century class focuses on arts and engineering, music technology, programming and digital citizenship, and health and wellness, ensuring a well-rounded, technologically capable foundation for children.

The Melrose Avenue School also boasts a proactive Parent Teacher Organization that promotes a strong bond between the school and home. They organize events, fundraisers, and parent-teacher meetings that further reinforce the partnership between the school and the community.

Lawn Avenue School

55 Lawn Avenue, Jamestown
Public; grades 5 through 8

More so than most elementary to middle school transitions, the step up for students from Jamestown's Melrose Avenue School to its Lawn Avenue School is nearly seamless. First, the location ensures continuity and familiarity as the two schools occupy opposing corners of the same campus. Next, the Lawn Avenue School provides a natural progression for those advancing from 4th to 5th grades. It creates an environment where students can explore their interests more deeply, whether in sciences, humanities, or the arts.

The school also takes foundational critical, innovative, and collaborative thinking to the next level with advanced learning opportunities in mathematics and science. These programs challenge the students and cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in more real-world applications. Lawn Avenue prides itself on integrating modern technology into its curriculum. Students learn a greater understanding of technology and the application of essential digital skills.

Most important of all, however, is the school's “Lawn School ROCKs!” positive behavior program, which is a commitment from every student, facility, administrator, and parent to promoting a positive learning environment within the Lawn School hallways and classrooms.

Additional Jamestown schools

While Jamestown does not include a high school within its town boundaries, students who graduate 8th grade from the Lawn Avenue School have their choice of attending one of two high schools — west across the bay and to the south at Narragansett High School or west across the bay and to the north at North Kingstown High School, where a majority of Jamestown students attend.

In addition, there are several highly-rated private schools for families wishing to pursue more specific opportunities and curriculums for their children.

Narragansett High School

245 South Pier Road, Narragansett
Public, grades 9 through 12

A 20-minute drive from the heart of Jamestown, Narragansett High School is often a popular choice for Jamestown families as it more closely mirrors the overall aesthetics and educational experience of the Jamestown School Department — semi-rural setting, small student population, and innovative personalized learning experiences. Known for its stellar academic programs, the school is committed to providing an education that prepares its students for college and beyond. A robust college preparatory program guides students through the college application process, from selecting colleges to preparing for entrance exams. The high school is known for having some of the state's best teachers and overall facility.

North Kingstown High School

150 Fairway Drive, North Kingston
Public, grades 9 through 12

North Kingstown High School
is the second option for public high school education for Jamestown students. Situated in North Kingstown, about 15 minutes from Jamestown, the high school is a top choice for those seeking exceptional college prep, a rigorous STEM-focused curriculum, and an outstanding collection of teachers. One of the standout features of North Kingstown High is its athletic program. The school has garnered several accolades in sports, ranging from track to basketball. Nearly three times larger than Narragansett High School, some local students may require additional time to settle into the larger, more fast-paced environment. However, once acclimated, they'll come away with a richly rewarding academic and personal experience, and a majority of Jamestown students attend North Kingstown High.

St. George's School

372 Purgatory Road, Middletown
Private, grades 9 through 12

St. George's School
in Middletown is a standout choice for families that prefer a private school setting for their child's high school education. Catering to students from grades 9 to 12, this institution is one of Rhode Island's most prestigious high schools, offering exemplary academic excellence and personal development across a 125-acre oceanfront campus. The school offers a boarding option, which can be particularly appealing to those who own secondary homes in Jamestown.

Portsmouth Abbey School

285 Cory's Lane, Portsmouth
Private, grades 9 through 12

The Portsmouth Abbey School in Portsmouth offers a private education for students in grades 6 to 12. Known for its Benedictine values and robust curriculum, the school is ideal for families seeking a private school with continuity between middle and high school education. The state-of-the-art facilities further enhance the school's beautiful 525-acre campus overlooking Narragansett Bay. The Portsmouth Abbey offers a nurturing environment for learning and growth and includes a boarding option.

The Prout School

4640 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield
Private, grades 9 through 12

Located in Wakefield, The Prout School provides another option for private high school education, serving students in grades 9 to 12. Known for its strong Catholic identity, the school emphasizes academics and spiritual and personal growth, faith-based learning, and community service through its International Baccalaureate-inspired HEART program — humanities, engineering and mathematics, arts and athletics, religion and service, and technology and science. Furthering the Catholic ethos the Prout School emphasizes, students often partake in outreach programs, both locally and abroad.

Ready to learn more about schools and homes in Jamestown?

With its plethora of educational options, Jamestown truly offers the best for families seeking the finest for their children. Whether opting for public or private institutions, residents find the education here as exceptional as the houses in Jamestown they call home. If you're interested in getting to know this area, its homes, and educational opportunities better, contact the Mansions & Manors team today to begin searching for luxury houses in Jamestown or another of the region's standout communities.

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